Install Node SASS on Windows

## Installing Make sure you have these installed    – node.js    – git Clone this repository into your local machine using the terminal (mac) or Gitbash (PC) > git clone CLONEURL CD to the folder cd FOLDERNAME When installing I was facing a weird issue which was Visual Studio Code shell execution permission. I got help from Stack Overflow to add this code to VSCode settings. Then run npm install to install the project dependencies Run gulp to start live preview server Hope this helps to you.

How to fix quantity decimal round?

Sometimes we need decimal quantity for our WooCommerce store. But there is a bug when using decimal quantity. If I use quantity step 1.02 or something like this then when increase the quantity 1.02 could be a big decimal number like 3.00000006. I’ll show you how to fix it by using jQuery. We need to … Read more